Exam Results 2017: Congratulations to Year 11!

Once again, many of our students have achieved outstanding results and made amazing progress. Some of them are shown in the photograph below.

Among the highest achievers this year are Joanna CHU (2 grade 8s in English & Maths and 8 more A/A* grades) and Nghiem KHUU (2 grade 9s in English & Maths, a further grade 7 in English, and 6 more A/A* grades).

Grade 8 or 7 in both English & Maths, and also a good clutch of other A/A*/B grades, was achieved by Stephen HEWLETT, Esther HARBOUR, Denis FERENC and Berrak COCELLI.

High-flying mathematician Janos FOLHOFFER, achieved a grade 9 in Maths and an A* in Further Maths. Just behind him was Abdullahi YUSUF with a grade 8 in Maths and an A* in Further Maths.

Particularly noteworthy was the results of Andrei LUPASC, Lyubomir BEBEROV, and Yoana IVANOVA. Each of them started at Northumberland Park within the last two years, having just arrived from abroad and with no experience of schooling in the UK. Despite this, Andrei achieved strong passes (Grade 5) in English & Maths, whilst Lyubomir & Yoana also achieved strong passes in Maths and good passes (grade 4) in English. Ryan MISCOVIKS also did very well across the board.

Making the most progress since primary school, based on DfE progress measures, were Emirdzhan SALI and Hasan TAS, whose outcomes were more than 2 grades higher than expected across each of their 8 subjects.

Despite the increased challenge which has been added to GCSE exams, the proportion of students attaining Grades 9-4 in English & Maths (the old A*-C benchmark) has increased to 48% from 44% in 2016. These figures reflect a significant improvement in the separate English & Maths results.

Our results in 2017 confirm that our students make excellent progress during their time here. Our more able students achieve the highest grades, placing them in a strong position to compete for places at the most prestigious UK universities and for the most competitive degree courses.

Year-on-year, a number of our students win scholarships to prestigious Independent Schools and 2017 is no different:

  • Ali Sakalli – Wellington Academy
  • Berrak Cocelli – City of London Freemen’s
  • Claudine Uwimpaye – Wellington Academy
  • Joanna Chu – St. Swithun’s Girls School
  • Natalie Bankole – St. Theresa’s, Effingham,  Girls School
  • Tony Nguyen – Wymondham College
  • Nghiem Khuu – Rugby School

Headteacher, Monica Duncan, commented:

“The year-on-year rise in our results is testimony to the commitment and hard work of students and staff who have worked tirelessly to achieve these results.

I also want to acknowledge the outstanding support received from parents.

We wish all the year 11 students of 2016/17 every success in their future studies.”