Regular homework consolidates work done in lessons and helps students develop the ability to study independently. It also gives parents a way to find out more about what their children are doing in class.

Year 7 students should expect to do at least 30 mins of homework per subject every week night and the level increases as students go through the academy.

Years 10 and 11 students are expected to take more responsibility for their own studies.  At this stage the way homework is set differs from subject to subject.  For example, students may need to plan assignments and use the Internet or libraries to do research as well as doing more traditional homework such as completing coursework.

All students have a homework diary.  Parents are asked to sign it once a week.  If parents have any concerns about the amount or type of homework set, they may either write a note to the teacher in the diary, asking for a reply, or they may ask call the academy to speak to him or her.