Exam FAQs

I have a clash in my exams what do I do?

The exams officer will reschedule any exams that clash and this will be shown on your individual timetable. In all cases where a clash happens you will be supervised at all times.

What time do my exams start?

Morning exams start at 8.50am
Afternoon exams start at 1.20pm

I have lost my exam timetable?

Go to the student reception and ask for another copy.

What should I do if I am ill on the day of the exam?

In all cases you should try to attend all of your exams, however if you are unwell you MUST call the academy as soon as possible.

In some cases of absence, it may be possible to apply for special consideration as long as you have completed at least 50% of the course. Allowance for special consideration is from 0% (consideration given, but addition of marks considered inappropriate) to 5% in exceptional circumstances.

You should be aware that any consideration is likely to be small. In all cases medical evidence will be required before special consideration can be applied for, for example a letter from your GP or hospital.

What should I do if I feel ill during my exam?

Raise your hand and speak to an invigilator.

What should I do if I am late for an exam?

You should aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the starting time of your exam. If you are more than 30 minutes late for an exam, the awarding body must be told and it will be their decision whether or not to accept your exam paper.

What do I do with my mobile phone?

You should normally leave your mobile phone at home, however if you do not, you will be required to hand the phone to an invigilator when entering the exam hall. You will be given a numbered ticket which you must return at the end of the exam in return for your phone.

If you fail to hand your phone to an invigilator the following penalties may apply;

  • Phone found on you and turned off – Disqualification from the paper for which the phone was found
  • Phone found on you and turned on – disqualification of the entire subject award
  • Phone rings during the exam regardless of whether it’s on you or not– disqualification from the subject including papers already taken
  • In all cases above the awarding body will be notified

Can I bring drink or food into the exam?

No.. You may bring your own water in however the label must be removed before the exam starts. Water must not be taken out of the exam room.

Can I leave the exam early?

No. You will be required to remain in the exam room for the entire duration of the exam. If you finish early, use the remaining time to check through your answers.

Can I visit the toilet during my exam?

No. Visit the toilet before the start of the exam. If you have a medical condition which means you need to visit the toilet regularly, you must provide a letter from your GP.

What happens if there is a fire alarm?

Await further instructions from the invigilators. You must remain in silence throughout.

Can I sit my exam on a different day to that on my timetable?

No. Each exam is sat throughout the country at the same time on the same day. You will be marked absent.

What do I do if there is a mistake on my exam timetable or there is something I do not understand?

You must speak to your subject teacher or the exams officer as soon as possible.