Student Support


All students have a tutor who meets with around 25 students every morning at registration.  Tutors meet regularly with students to discuss their progress as well as their attendance and behaviour.  Tutors are members of a team led by the Achievement Coordinator who takes assemblies, organises parents’ evenings and supports students who may need extra help.

Students are also supported, where appropriate, by teaching assistants, learning mentors and a counsellor.  Students for whom English is not their first language have English lessons delivered by qualified staff.

All staff, but particularly tutors, are keen to have close contact with parents so that, together, we can be consistent in encouraging and rewarding hard work, tackling concerns and promoting good attendance and behaviour.

If parents have any concerns, the first person they should contact is their child’s tutor.

Pastoral Assistants

The Pastoral Assistants at Duke’s Aldridge Academy supports and promotes the shared values and aims of the academy within the context of Every Child Matters. They are employed to help support staff, students and parents endeavouring to do so promptly and efficiently, working together to ensure the students feel happy, confident, safe and valued.

We have four Pastoral Assistants:

Mr Ibrahim Mustafa
Mr Samuel Warner
Mr Dave Carrington
Mr Anthony Walker