Student Voice

School Council

At Duke’s Aldridge Academy, we understand the importance of our students’ views and opinions and provide an opportunity for discussion on important issues through Academy Council meetings. Council members are elected by their peers in elections conducted in September of each year.

Each class elects democratically two representatives to serve on the Year Council. The role of the class representatives is to consult with their peers over issues that arise at Year Council Meetings and report back to their class at the earliest opportunity.

At the first meeting of each Year Council, students elect a chairperson and secretary. Minutes of the meetings are taken and are available to all representatives in the following weeks meeting. The aim of this is to ensure that every student can be kept informed and to generate further interest in issues discussed.

Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl

We provide our Year 11 students with the opportunity to take on more responsibility within the academy. Prospective candidates must submit an application and undergo a formal interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Applications for Prefects and Head Boy/Head Girl are submitted in Year 10 during the summer term.

The Head Boy and Head Girl are two very important students and are supported in their roles by the Deputy Head Boy and the Deputy Head Girl, also appointed by a member of the senior leadership team.  The Head Boy and Girl represent Duke’s Aldridge Academy students at various events, such as Open Evening, and they have specific duties within the academy.

Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl will wear distinctive black jumpers, badges and have additional responsibilities involving work with students and staff. Prefects are also involved in lunch and break time duties.