Curriculum – Key Stage 3 & 4

Young people will work hard at school if what they are learning is relevant to them and they are taught well. The aim of the curriculum is to provide the most appropriate routes to allow our students to continue with their education and training after leaving Northumberland Park.

Our school invests heavily in developing teachers and assuring quality in our classrooms. Our teachers feel valued. We have a stable and effective team of teachers capable of developing excellent long term relationships with our students.

All students study a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3, which focuses on Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills essential for learning, alongside our creative subjects such as Art, Media, Music and Drama.  Students cover aspects of the Key Stage 4 curriculum to ensure that the options choices they make in December are based on future aspirations and an understanding of the course content at Key Stage 4.

At KS4 our curriculum offers a wide choice of traditional GCSEs, vocational courses and Foundation Learning enabling students to build individualised course packages which suit the needs of each from the most academically inclined to those who are best motivated by practical approaches to learning based on their pathway. Our wide GCSE offer allows students to achieve the EBacc. Our close and effective links with local colleges and other post sixteen education and training providers enables us to support our students beyond Year 11 as they establish themselves at college or in the world of work.

Pathways for students are determined by Key Stage 3 outcomes and input from achievement co-ordinator.

All students will follow the following subjects – English, Maths, Science, Personal Social and Health Education, Religious Education and Physical Education.

In addition, they choose from the following subjects according to their pathway –

Pathway 1          Double or Triple Science, Modern Foreign Language, History, Geography, Sociology, Drama, Music,  Information Technology, Fine Art, Media, Physical Education, Food Technology,  Resistant  Materials and Textiles (GCSE subjects only)

Pathway 2           Double Science, Modern Foreign language, Fine Art, Design, Information Technology, Health & Social Care, Sociology,  Drama, Music, Media Studies, Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Textiles,  and Physical education (BTEC and GCSE).

Pathway 3         Hair & Beauty,  Media, Hospitality, Sports BTEC, Music, Foundation Technology