As an alumnus of the academy, current students feel more of an affinity with you than with any other professional. We are always interested to find out what former students have done since leaving the academy and to share in their challenges and successes along the way.

In order to stay in touch and to benefit from our support, you’ll need to make a LinkedIn profile and then follow Aldridge Connect – it’s really easy – and to help you get set up. Click here for a step by step guide to creating a winning profile. If you need any help with this, please contact Georgie who will be able to assist: 

Your involvement with current Duke’s students is not only of great benefit to the students but it can be of great benefit to you as well. Your success will help them to envisage their own success as a very real possibility.

Former students are invited to contact Ms S East, Executive Assistant to Principal, with a view to contributing to our aspirational work here at Duke’s Aldridge Academy.

Ms S East can be contacted by emailing

Don’t be stranger, keep in touch!