School Counsellor

During the height of the pandemic our young people’s mental and emotional health was severely affected. It created extremely challenging situations for them, such as the inability to interact with their peers or even other family members and friends, which impacted on them socially, emotionally and financially. In terms of school, this affected their daily routine and structure, their ability to access online lessons, as well as to focus and meet targets.

However, through the swift and robust response of the counselling service, who worked closely with CAMHS and Social Services, I was able to support these young people with navigating through what could have been a potentially devastating situation.

In addition to this, regular contact was established and maintained with parents and carers throughout the duration of the lockdown, and continues to this present day.

Since returning to school, Young people and families continue to have their needs met by the counselling service. When presented with child protection or mental health cases, the counselling service will liaise with the appropriate service to meet that young person’s needs. This ensures that our young people continue to be nurtured and flourish, with the aim of achieving academic success.

The Counselling service is part of an integral service that provides a lifeline to young people struggling to cope with the challenges that life presents to them and their families.

If you have any questions, please contact our School Counsellor: Ms B James on