NOVO – School Within a School

We are delighted to introduce NOVO – School within a School (SWS) here at Duke’s Aldridge Academy.

The aim is to provide a positive intervention targeted at students in a variety of
circumstances. For example, when a student may be going through a phase of negative
behaviour and/or is finding some aspects of school challenging or frustrating. Also, at a time
when student’s well-being is so important giving them the time and space to deal with the
difficulties and challenges life can bring, we can really focus on helping them move forward
and get the most out of their time at Duke’s Aldridge Academy and provide a platform for a
bright and positive future.

To be clear, The SWS is not in any way a “unit” and it is not a punishment. It is an
opportunity for discussion and reflection in a small positive environment while receiving 6
weeks of highly focused support.

The SWS is based in a classroom within the school where the students follow the SWS
Timetable that is built around the Core Subjects and is then supplemented with focused
mentoring sessions, both in groups and one-to-one meetings. We use teachers, highly
skilled support staff and outside agencies who specialise in helping students build
confidence, self-awareness and raise self-esteem. We also aim to provide them with
strategies and techniques to manage themselves better in the classroom and around the

Once the students have completed the 6 weeks programme they will return to their normal
lessons but with the continued support of the SWS staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr C Cameron via